UHS Burnishers

We carry several styles of pad drivers for the Ultra High Speed 1,000 rpm Burnishers. We can often supply you with new floppy disc's to rebuild your existing unit . When possible, we convert the durable Perma Grip Pad Lok style blocks to bolt on spec's, saving you a ton of money, and freeing you from OEM lead times.

We can supply you with pad drivers for Ultra High Speed Burnishers. These are generally machines that run the pad driver over 1,000 rpms (typical floor buffers run at 175 rpms). We can supply a complete unit that would fit a 3/4" shaft, with key-way, or we can offer rebuilding parts for your unit. We can also do the rebuild for you, when it is possible to restore your existing assembly. We can also supply you with Hook facing material, that is "peel and stick" to repair your existing unit.

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