How to determine the size of your machine?

 Follow our online sizing guide of course

What is the brand of my machine, and "Which Clutch Plate do I need?"

Again, the Gunn Brush online sizing guide has a quick tutorial.

Do you have a minimum order?

No minimum orders, we will ship you whatever it takes to get your job completed, no matter how small or large.

How do I buy products from Gunn Brush?

Ordering online is easier, but you can call if you need help with something. If calling, PLEASE have your machine information ready ( measured beneath the housing, or old brush dimensions in front of you.)

Can you make special items or ones that are different than in your product listing?

We're not afraid to try anything, and we've got the raw materials to make it happen, blocks, risers, plates etc...

How do I return something that I don't want?

All you have to do is send it back with a note that you are returning it (in new, and unused condition please ). No re-stocking charges, just a credit or refund, minus the freight charges. It's that simple.

What is your privacy policy concerning customer information.

Gunn Brush keeps all of its' customer information strictly private. We have never sold our customer list nor will we. View the full privacy policy.


What about the clutch plate ?

Most modern machines accept the standard # 92/9200 type clutchplate. By default, one  NP-9200 in included with each brush already mounted and ready to use !!! There are many other older clutchplate styles , many of which we still carry and can still supply to you, just ask !