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The Michael Gunn Brush Co. began life in Brooklyn during the mid 1940’s under the auspices of my Great Uncle Michael Gunn ,and was located in downtown Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave. Known throughout the area as manufacturer of many types of brushes ranging from pitch set “Tennis Drags” (large broom like brushes, used for grooming tennis courts ) where the bristles were dipped in a tar like glue (“pitch”) wrapped with special twine, and then pushed into the appropriate hole in the block. Picture drilling hundreds of holes, then installing bristle by hand into those hundreds of holes… Shoe shine brushes , brooms, and static neutralizing strip brushes (still in continuous manufacture to this very day) as well as machine  staple setting of rotary floor machine brushes. We still have a workbench made from that plywood, so tough that a nail bends when hammered into it!  Dad still speaks of the difficulties encountered when trying to get bristle into those blocks. 

My father took over after my Great Uncle’s retirement, and incorporated as the Gunn Brush Co. Inc. in 1963.  Throughout the 1960’s the Gunn Brush Co narrowed it’s focus into rotary floor machine brushes for the janitorial trade.  As demand outpaced its manufacturing capacity, Gunn turned to its present role of wholesale distribution, beginning as a Master Distributor for the Zimmerman Brush Co.  
     Gunn Brush Co.  was there when 3M introduced pads and their rubber faced Instalok pad driver, a revolutionary step away from the simple natural fiber brushes then available. Remember when shampoo brushes were made with aluminum blocks?  We filled those by hand,  as well as refilling used castings, with all work being done right on our premises.  Hard work, a great inventory, and unsurpassed knowledge/experience with the product have earned Gunn a solid reputation as one of the FASTEST suppliers to the trade.  Same day shipping has long been our way of doing business.  When “Just in Time” purchasing came in vogue, we wondered what the fuss was all about, for us, it was “Business as Usual”.

    With the retirement of my father in June 1999, Gunn Brush Co. Inc. went into its third generation of leadership and commitment to the Jan/San trade.  We intend to live up to and expand upon, the foundation of accurate, reliable, and fast service that it has been our pleasure to provide to all of you, over these many decades!

"We intend to live up to, and expand upon, the foundation of accurate, reliable, and fast service, that it has been our pleasure to provide to all of our customers, over these many decades!"