Mounting Plates

Over 5 decades of service to the floor care industry, from supplying brushes and plates to OEM floor machine companies, as well as wholesalers and retailers. We deal directly with a casting company for many of our clutch plates, and this ensures quality for long term plate life & performance. Many of the older and obsolete clutch plates are still available as well.

  • We carry many hundreds of clutchplates and mounting plates in inventory
  • Our Gunn-92 clutchplate is one of the best in the industry, that's why we put our name on it
  • Over the years, we've even supplied many of the OEM floor machine companies with their plates
  • We stock hubs and gimbals for many of the Automatic Scrubber machines as well

We stock many hundreds of clutch plates, from obsolete models, right through the most modern. We do not have a minimum order, so if you only need one clutchplate to repair your existing brush, we can help you. Most clutch plates do have a part number cast into them, and this, in addition to the make and model number of your machine will help to get you what you need. There are times when nothing is left but broken pieces, but we can still usually figure out what you need. In cases like this, try to accurately measure the center mounting hole (this is the hole that is cut into the brush, before the clutchplate is mounted). I can then compare this dimension to plates that keep for reference. Please note that we always include the clutchplate with your order, whenever it is possible. Certain plates may require an up-charge due to higher cost where noted.