XTRA Grit Brush

A heavy duty version of grit brush, the bristles spec out at .070 diameter nylon, with 46 grit silicon carbide particles. Great for use in places that have years of floor finish built up from re-coating without proper stripping.

 Grit brushes must be run wet. I have used these brushes on vinyl tile and it does a great job of stripping off floor finish without hurting the floor.

  • .070 diameter nylon, with 46 grit silicon carbide particles
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XTRA Grit Brushes

Please note that the price list shows actual block diameter. For this type of brush we suggest it fit  inside the skirt of your floor machine. Simply measure inside the skirt and order the whole inch diameter that will fit inside the skirt ( ie you measure 15 1/4" inside your machine, then a 15" block would be a correct fit).