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The Diamabrush™ Hardwood Prep Tool is the first step to rejuvenated hardwood floors!  Designed to remove polyurethane and carpet adhesives from hardwood floors, effectively preparing the floor for re-finishing. The Hardwood tool will effectively remove these coatings getting back to the bare wood, saving end-users time and money. This tool is designed for dry use only and fits your existing standard rotary floor machines.

The diamond cutting surface remains free of melted or gummed up coatings and retains its sharp cutting points throughout the life of the tool. Replace your conventional sandpaper methods which means no more wasted time or money changing caramelized sandpaper.

The Hardwood Prep Tool is designed with replaceable blades which enable users to order a replacement kit and easily change used or worn blades, thus minimizing downtime. Simply loosen two screws and replace

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Wood Prep Tool

This comes with the spacer riser and clutchplate already mounted. Will work on most size/brands of floor buffers.

 If in doubt about fitment, send us an email and I can doublecheck for you.