Surface Prep Tool


The SP-17 Surface Preparation Tool is a contractor grade tool, that will save you hours of hard work scraping unwanted finishes from your concrete floors.

Old paint, grout, glue, almost any buildup can now be removed with your floor machine! Not for the feint of heart, you should wear steel tipped shoes, and have experience running a floor machine. Built from high quality material, including steel, aluminum, and rubber, this is a serious tool. The heart of the system are the six carbide steel cutting "blades" Actually steel squares that ride on the floor, either on the point, or on the flat edge, as determined by your choice of adjustment. These blades offer very long life, as each edge is a cutting surface, and each blade has eight edges ! A very welcomed feature is the strong rubber riser assembly, which dampens out some of the vibration that this kind of job entails.

Replacement blades are available, but in my experience ( and I've been doing this for over 35 years ), they are seldom needed, how's that for quality!  

 Please Note: Factory MSRP on this item is over $ 1,200.00 but Gunn Brush Co can discount this to a more affordable level.

$699.00 /Each.
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Please note that the Surface Prep  Tool only comes in one size, optimized for performance with any size floor machine.