Permagrip Pad Driver


Permagrip Pad drivers are used to hold floor pads to your machine. They are never intended to be used on the floor without a pad, ( and doing so will damage the bristles quickly ). We highly recommend this unit which we call the "PermaGrip" pad driver. These units are practically indestructible, and offer many years of service , no matter how hard they get used. Clutchplates are securely fastened with common 1/4" x 20 machine screws for long life and easy ability to repair them in the field.

We do carry other styles of pad drivers, most notably for Dual speed (clutchplate driven), and Ultra High Speed Burnishers (these are bolted onto the machine). We can also repair many pad drivers, just by installing new face material or whatever the job may call for.

Permagrip Paddrivers come with a riser and NP-9200 clutchplate already installed.

$56.00 /Each.
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Please note that the price list shows actual block diameter. For driving blocks we want the block diameter to be even with the outside skirt of your floor machine. Simply measure across the skirt and order the whole inch diameter that matches that most closely. Pad diameter should be inch wider than your pad driver block.
All Prices include the standard NP-9200 clutchplate already installed.