Nylon Brushes


Nylon brushes are a great choice for scrubbing jobs, whether it be hard flooring, or carpeting. Generally, we recommend soft  "KARPET KARE" (or "KK" for short) for carpeting jobs. The "KK" brushes are a blend of soft white nylon in the inner rows, with medium black bristle around the edge. This allows the brush to be run on carpet without having to "break in" the brush .

Two Nylon Choices below:

Choose soft "KK"  Soft nylon for carpeting

Or all black .028 medium for floors or short commercial style carpeting.

Prices include the standard NP-9200 clutch plate already mounted for you.

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Nylon Carpet Shampoo Brushes

Medium Nylon Scrub


Solid black bristle can be run on carpeting, but you may need to break the brush in by running it on wet concrete for anywhere from 10-30 minutes. You'll know when the brush is broken in, as the bristle will take a slight "set" in one direction. Run your hand across the bottom of the bristle, it'll slide in one direction, and get caught in the other, your brush is now broken in.

Please note that the price list shows actual block diameter. For this type of brush we suggest it fit inside the skirt of your floor machine. Simply measure inside the skirt and order the whole inch diameter that will fit inside the skirt ( ie you measure 15 1/4" inside your machine, then a 15" block would be a correct fit).