New Scrub Grit


Here is the best scrub brush made to date for your floor buffer. 

The "Grit"series of brushes have given new strength to ordinary brushes. Made from a .022 nylon bristles  which are impregnated with thousands of # 120 grit particles, this brush is unbeatable. Still using green and blue pads? You're losing money with pads when compared to the time & $ saved using this Scrub Grit Brush.This brush can get into the toughest tile and grout lines, small tiles, no worries, it gets them all clean !!!! Pads by their nature can only clean the top of the floor, sliding across it horizontally. Bristles go down and into those spaces that pads cannot reach. The grit particles are what gives this brush its bite, hard working on dirt but will not damage most floors ( You will of course have to double check performance on the floor  before beginning).Can even be run without chemicals, just keep it wet and wet vac up the dirt, saves on chemical cost too. If you try this brush, you will "join the club" and be a grit brush person from now on.

 A brush can only clean what it can touch, basically just sliding across a surface. By adding silicone carbide ( that's the "grit") into a nylon bristle, the brush now has the power of sandpaper as it cleans. Of course, just like sandpaper, it can be very soft ( Lite Grit), or very aggressive ( Extra Grit) or anyplace in between ( Scrub Grit or Strip Grit).

We carry these rotary brushes to fit most commercial floor buffers and automatic scrubbers.

ORDERING INFO :  Measure the inside to inside diameter of your buffer skirt , and choose a block diameter smaller than that measurement. IE If you measured 15 1/2", you would order a 15" diameter brush.

Please feel free to ask or to double check fitment for your buffer, I've been doing this since 1982 and I can help you.

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New Scrub Grit


Please note that the price list shows actual block diameter. For this type of brush we suggest it fit  inside the skirt of your floor machine. Simply measure inside the skirt and order the whole inch diameter that will fit inside the skirt ( ie you measure 15 1/4" inside your machine, then a 15" block would be a correct fit).
***Standard Clutch plate NP-9200 is included in this price***