LITE Grit Brush

LITE Grit Brush

A soft scrubbing brush, thin .018 bristle with gentle # 500 grit . Very useful for daily/weekly maintenance programs where you need to touch up floors often. Think of it as power mopping!  Also does a good job cleaning grout lines, especially with smaller machines that just don't have the down pressure/weight.  Gets deep into the grout every time.

  • .018 bristle with gentle # 500 grit
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LITE Grit Brushes


Please note that the price list shows actual block diameter. For this type of brush we suggest it fit  inside the skirt of your floor machine. Simply measure inside the skirt and order the whole inch diameter that will fit inside the skirt ( ie you measure 15 1/4" inside your machine, then a 15" block would be a correct fit).